The process of water treatment utilises water from rivers, lakes, wells and other reserves as a supply source of raw water. The quality of output is customised to the specific requirements of our customers, and ranges from clean water (including potable water for human consumption) to pure and ultrapure water for use in the real estate, municipalities and process industries such as power plant, electronics and semiconductor, pharmaceutical, refineries and petrochemical industries. Water treatment solutions involve different water purification technologies to treat different impurities present in the feed water for diverse applications and requirements.

Filtration and chemical processes are employed for the removal of suspended solids, large organic materials, certain dissolved minerals, salts and gases in the feed water to produce clean water. We use membrane processes and ion-exchange processes to further remove traces of smaller suspended solids and dissolved minerals, salts and gases present in the clean water to produce pure and ultrapure water. Our treated water is used (i) as an ingredient in the production of food and beverages and pharmaceuticals; (ii) in boilers to generate hot water or steam for industries such as power plant and palm oil and (iii) as ultrapure water in the manufacturing process of electronics and semiconductors.