Project Description

MEMIONTEC- MIT has developed specialised ion exchange membrane systems: Demineraliser Series MIT-MB™ and MIT-TWB™, Electrodeionization MIT-EDIT™ and Electro Chlorination M IT-EC™, to effectively remove all types of cations and anions from water or waste water to produce pure and ultra-pure water. Available products include:

Water softeners Co-current and counter-current demineralisers | Dealkalisers | Degasifiers | Organic scavengers | Condensate polishers | Mixed bed demineraliser | Speciality demineraliser | Recycling waste treatment system

Electro Chlorination MIT-EC™

Electro Chlorination System MIT-EC™ generates sodium hypochlorite by combining two common consumables: Seawater+Electricity NaCI+H20+2e=NaOCI-FH2 (Seawater+Power=Sodium Hypochlorite+Hydrogen) The system easily controls sodium hypochlorite production and provides a powerful disinfection method for any application. This design allows for ease in service and maintenance, ensures high safety performance and cost efficiency.
Core benefits of MIT-EC™ system include:
• No hazardous materials involved
• Full automation and safe operations
• High performance with low operating and maintenance costs
• Flexible, easy to operate and space optimization
• Customised design for unique application
• One-through flow design for high efficiency
• Guaranteed performance for long term reliability