One-stop integrated total solution provider in the water treatment industry

  • We provide customised solutions, leveraging on our technical knowledge and our in-house capabilities in design, sourcing and fabrication of systems.
  • We integrate third party technologies with some of our own proprietary knowhow, to provide a suite of services that span across the value chain in the water industry.

Diversified revenue stream

  • We derive revenue from multiple business segments, different parts of the water industry value chain and different geographical locations.
  • We participated in TOOT and BOOT projects in Indonesia since 2016 to tap into potential growth in demand for clean water in Indonesia and to ensure a more stable income stream.

Strong regional presence in the water treatment industry

  • Reputation as a Singapore-based water treatment group providing technologically sound, reliable and high-quality services.
  • We have a long-standing presence in Indonesia and are well-positioned to meet the growing demand for water resources and infrastructure there.
  • Our PRC operations supply cost-competitive, customised and standardised water and wastewater treatment package systems for use in our TSEPC projects.

Proven track record of over 20 years with an established and diverse customer base

  • We have a track record of successful public tenders and have successfully completed large-scale municipal and industrial projects for government agencies and multinational corporations.
  • We have the relevant licenses to tender for public sector projects in Singapore relating to mechanical engineering works with no tendering limits and to carry out water treatment projects in Indonesia in the medium to high range for risk, technology and/or cost.

Qualified, experienced and competent management team

  • Executive Chairman and CEO, Mr. Tay; Managing Director, Ms. Dewi; and Executive Director, Mr. Low each have over 28 years of relevant management and industry experience and are supported by a team of experienced key executive officers.