Project Description

Waste Water Process

Offering a complete range of physical, chemical and biological processes, our waste water process solutions cater to primary, secondary and tertiary treatments necessary to comply with strict standards for the discharge of effluents. Our systems can recycle and reuse waste or rinse water to recover the precious resource.

Our waste water treatment processes and products include:

  • Screening
  • Clarifiers aeration equipment Biological treatment system
  • BOD / COD, colour reduction system
  • Heavy metals removal
  • Oil-Water separator
  • pH neutralisation system
  • Sludge handling equipment

MEMIONTEC ‘ s expertise in waste water process treatment include initial investigations, pilot lab/plant studies, customise design, implementation, project management and maintenance. Memiontec is also capable of employing the latest advanced technology for treatment of secondary effluent to produce newater.

Industrial Waste Water

Clarifier System

Dissolved Air Floatation System

Aeration System

Waste Water Technology

Waste Recycling System (UF+RO+UV)

Sludge Handling (Filter Press)