Project Description

Municipalities & Townships Waste Water Recycling Process

Municipalities & townships wastewater recycling process reduces not only the organic contaminants in the treated water, but also the total nitrogen and phosphorus, with the conventional NO and A2/0 activated sludge biological process. It can replace the final clarifier with MBR/MF/UF with high efficient solid-liquid separation and meet the government waste water discharge standards. It can be recycled for reuse if the water can be treated further with NF/RO/UV system.



  • Better effluent quality which can meet the national discharge standard and the recycle water standard
  • System module design, smaller footprint, less sludge generated and reduced secondly-pollution
  • Simple process suitable for retrofitting and upgrading of the existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Higher nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiency ( > 80%)
  • High automation and easy operation and maintenance


  • Municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Farm land irrigation and groundwater recharge
  • Landscaping, building washing, and fire-fighting
  • Air conditioning cooling water and toilet flushing, etc.