Project Description

Industrial Waste Water Recycling Process

Industrial waste water recycling process combines the conventional methods with MBR/MF/UF and NF technology. The raw waste water is pretreated with cooling, coagulation, sedimentation, and hydrolysis acidification to improve its biodegradability before being further treated with NO or A2/0 process. The product water from the MBR/MF/UF can meet the discharge standards. Further treatment with NF/RO/UV can meet the various industrial water reuse standards and achieve the zero liquid discharges.



  • Tailored design based on the waste water quality for meeting different effluent discharge requirements
  • Stabile effluent quality and resist to shock loading
  • Less waste sludge and less sludge handling cost
  • Modular design, compact structure, and small footprint


  • Chemical wastewater
  • Dyeing wastewater
  • Metallurgical wastewater
  • Food wastewater
  • Medical Wastewater
  • Power plant wastewater